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my two loves . . .

Hello! My name is Kathryn - a Georgia girl and bona fide bread lover. Well, that is until I met and fell in love with Justin. Let's be real, I still LOVE bread and all things gluten-ful, but have given up that life for a gluten-free one - because now, I am a gluten-free lover.

I have always loved food. Cooking it, eating it, discussing it. I hope you'll try some of the recipes I've posted and you'll see - gluten-free cooking is accessible and delicious!

Category Archives: potatoes

Meat & Potatoes

I’ve got two meals to share with you. As you may have guessed, they both include meat and potatoes. Both are fairly simple and include components that either make great leftovers or use up leftovers. The first I’ll talk about is the grilled NY Strip steak we had with easy mashed potatoes and even easier […]

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I have several recipes I want to share including one BBQ staple in particular; potato salad. I have finally come up with a potato salad recipe that I simply adore. Mustard Potato Salad has always been my favorite and I finally came up with the perfect recipe! There is not a picture of the Barbecue […]

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Hamburger Mania

Since summer is just around the corner, I’ve been experimenting with hamburger recipes and I think it’s going well! The first recipe I tried was ground beef mixed with diced onions, Worcestershire sauce, egg, bread crumbs, etc. It reminded me of meatloaf. Don’t get me wrong, I like meatloaf, but not when I want a […]

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Great recipes for quick meals

The first recipe I want to share is for Brussels sprouts. Before you navigate away, these Brussels sprouts are easy and, I kid you not, DELICIOUS! I am an oddity in that I actually like cabbage but let’s be honest; Brussels sprouts have a tendency to be, well, gross. I’ve had them sauteed and they’ve […]

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baby, it’s cold outside…

Christmas this year was a mix of newness and tradition. J and I celebrated Christmas Eve just the two of us – well, the dog and the cat were there too – which was the first time for both of us not being with our families. It was nice (being just the two of us, […]

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Well. It seems I owe an apology…I haven’t posted in over a month (!!!) because we moved Thanksgiving weekend, I started working part time, and then it was full on holiday time. I know, I know – excuses, excuses, but honestly I couldn’t find enough time to sit down and wrap my head around this […]

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comfort food – ham style.

*Author’s Note: Before any of you comment, call, or email me – I know this isn’t a gorgeous picture. But I am not a food stylist nor do I have professional photography equipment. I’m doing the best I can with the pictures and honestly, it is VERY hard to make ham look “pretty” in a […]

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how sweet it is

I know I usually start my post with a photo, but since the subject of this post is hors d’oeuvres, it didn’t seem fair to choose just one. The Setting: J and I invited my parents over yesterday afternoon for the Ohio State – Penn State football game. My dad is a HUGE Buckeye fan […]

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Bienvenue a ma cuisine

(Optional title for this post: I want to marry and subsequently run away with Bearnaise sauce.) As I promised, another set of French recipes for today’s post, which of course is about last night’s dinner. I think I figured out why I was so drawn to French recipes this week; ‘Julie & Julia’. I’ve been […]

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