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my two loves . . .

Hello! My name is Kathryn - a Georgia girl and bona fide bread lover. Well, that is until I met and fell in love with Justin. Let's be real, I still LOVE bread and all things gluten-ful, but have given up that life for a gluten-free one - because now, I am a gluten-free lover.

I have always loved food. Cooking it, eating it, discussing it. I hope you'll try some of the recipes I've posted and you'll see - gluten-free cooking is accessible and delicious!

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Sides & Salads

I hate that it’s been so long since my last post, but a lot has been happening in the last 2 months. Work was absolutely CRAZY during July (I got promoted. Again!). I hosted a family Sunday supper for my dad’s birthday. J and I got engaged!!! We threw a “backyard party” last weekend after […]

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Introductions are in order…

I made some slight alterations to SarahKate’s recipe. I don’t have a wok and I have an electric stove (bummer, I know) and I’ve read that a flat bottom skillet does better with an electric stove than a wok because of the heat distribution. (I would give anything for a gas stove, but that’ll have […]

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Deliziosa Cucina Italiana

Let’s talk Italian, y’all! I have a new recipe, a Rachael Ray inspired classic, and a work in progress that I want to discuss. A little back story: Before I met J, I was a bona fide gluten lover. Any kind of bread or pasta – if it had a crunchy breaded crust, I was […]

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Pork a la J

This past Monday, I had a 24 oz garlic and pepper marinated pork roast thawing in the fridge that I planned to make for dinner. When I got home from work, J inquired about our dinner plans and was not shy about his distaste for “pork roast with rice or potatoes”. To be honest, I […]

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Caribbean Fried Rice

Caribbean Fried Rice serves 4 1 1/2 c cooked pork, shredded or chopped 3 c cooked yellow rice 2 T olive oil 1 c onion, chopped 3 tsp Jerk seasoning, separated 1/2 c frozen peas 2/3 c diced carrots 1 T Smart Balance or butter about 3/4 c water or chicken stock Season pork with […]

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Southern Traditions

This year, I made my first traditional Southern New Year’s Day dinner. Before I go any further, you may be asking yourself, “Is there such a thing as a traditional New Year’s Day dinner?” I answer you with a resounding “YES!” (After doing some research, I found out that peoples all over the world, since […]

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comfort food – ham style.

*Author’s Note: Before any of you comment, call, or email me – I know this isn’t a gorgeous picture. But I am not a food stylist nor do I have professional photography equipment. I’m doing the best I can with the pictures and honestly, it is VERY hard to make ham look “pretty” in a […]

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…to soothe the soul

J and his band practice every Tuesday after work till about 10pm, give or take. I usually just have leftovers for dinner, unless there’s a Girls Night planned. But since it’s getting colder I’ve taken to making soup on Tuesday nights. Last night I made Minestrone. (And watched the season 3 finale of Mad Men. […]

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sundays were made for roast chicken

What a busy weekend! Halloween was a lot of fun. J and I went to a party dressed as Batman (him) and Robin (me). The party was hosted by friends of ours so I helped out by making a few appetizers. I debated posting about them, but I didn’t really do much cooking, just assembling, […]

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