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my two loves . . .

Hello! My name is Kathryn - a Georgia girl and bona fide bread lover. Well, that is until I met and fell in love with Justin. Let's be real, I still LOVE bread and all things gluten-ful, but have given up that life for a gluten-free one - because now, I am a gluten-free lover.

I have always loved food. Cooking it, eating it, discussing it. I hope you'll try some of the recipes I've posted and you'll see - gluten-free cooking is accessible and delicious!

Gluten-Free Information

Periodically, I will update this page with helpful links and other information about living gluten free.

First and foremost:

Celiac Disease is when the lining of the small intestine is damaged by gluten and other proteins found in wheat, barley, rye, and possibly oats, therefore inhibiting the small intestine from absorbing nutrients. Without regulation (meaning: if you don’t adhere to a strict gluten free diet) a person with Celiac Disease literally puts their life at risk.
– Being allergic to wheat simply means you have an allergic reaction when you come in contact with food that contains wheat. It is the same as an allergy to pollen or pet dander, for example. The symptoms occur very quickly after wheat exposure and subside soon after removing the allergen.
– Gluten intolerance is somewhere in the middle. The symptoms are similar to those of Celiac Disease (abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, fatigue, etc) and come on gradually, however they do not cause permanent, life threatening damage. Gluten intolerance is usually diagnosed when the test for Celiac Disease comes back negative.
*This information has NOT been approved by any medical board. This is information I have learned through experience and my own research. I do not endorse “self-diagnosis”, I am simply offering you the information to get you started on the path towards understanding what it means to be “Gluten Free”.

-The University of Chicago has the leading research center for Celiac Disease. Visit their site here.

List of foods to AVOID and ENJOY on a gluten-free diet.

My Favorite Gluten-Free Products

Quinoa Ancient Harvest – My “go to” for pasta!
Nut Thins – Crispy, flavorful crackers; I love to serve them with hors d’oeuvres.
Heinz offers a wide selection of gluten-free products. (Our fridge is always stocked with Heinz ketchup!)
Glutino – I’ve only used the dried breadcrumbs but have heard many a good thing about their other products.
Arrowhead Mills – They have many gluten-free products, their pizza crust mix is wonderful!
I ALWAYS use Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper.
Knorr bouillon cubes are wonderful! I dissolve the chicken, beef, or vegetable cubes in boiling water to make stock or broth. They are amazingly affordable and gluten-free.
Duke’s regular mayonnaise – NOT LIGHT – is my favorite mayonnaise. On the bottle it says “distilled vinegar” (on their website it just lists vinegar), so make sure you read the label before purchasing. Duke’s light mayonnaise is NOT gluten-free, it contains modified food starch.